Marketing your event online is an effective way to spread the word about your event and to attract participants. A large portion of your target market uses social media other online channels to find out more information about your event. Statistically, people prefer to read reviews or ask for advice from people they know prior to making a purchase.

92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising.


To align with the purchasing behaviors of consumers, Race Roster has created the social referral tool. This tool allows you to turn your participants into promoters by providing them with a unique URL they can share with their friends and family.  When someone registers using this URL, the promoter will receive a cash reward. The amount of the cash reward is entirely up to you.

Turn participants into promoters

An easy way to broadcast the information about referral rewards is to use the Race Roster email campaign tool. By utilizing the campaign tool in tandem with the social referral tool, you can effortlessly contact your current participants to offer an incentive for promoting the event. Simply utilize the campaign tool’s easy-to-use merge tag feature to enter a tag that will pull in your promoter’s unique referral URL automatically. Race Roster also offers a handy pre-made referral email template, so sending off the email is simple, quick, and effective.

Track referrals cost-free

Compensating promoters with cash isn’t the only way to utilize the social referral tool. Select the “tracking only” option if you’re looking for a cost-free way to track the number of successful referrals registered through a unique promoter link. Include this link when marketing your event to determine the success of your campaigns or equip your marketing partners with one to track the effectiveness of their efforts.

Alternatively, you can use the tracking only option the same way you would use the cash reward option, except offer an incentive of your choice – for example, you could send successful promoters a promo code to purchase a product in your participant store at a discounted price.

The social referral tool’s “tracking only” option is one of many effective tracking features that are available on the Race Roster platform. Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tracking can be found in “Social media & analytics” under add-ons. To learn more about this, check out: how to make the most out of the Facebook pixel.

Engage the community

Your current participants are likely very excited about your event and are already talking about it with their friends and family, making them the perfect promoters. Take advantage of this excitement by offering a cash incentive to encourage them to continue spreading the word about your event.

To expand your reach even further, you can leverage the social referral tool to incentivize influential people within your community. Anyone can sign up for a Race Roster promoter account to start spreading the word about your event with their unique referral URL.

Drive results through friendly competition

Add in an aspect of friendly competition to schools or workplaces to see who can get the most people to sign up for your event using their unique URL. You can even run an additional competition to reward the promoter with the most referrals.

The options are endless and the results are powerful. Ready to expand your reach? To learn more, visit our knowledge base article on how to enable social marketing tracking.


Alexa Greene

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