Including a watermark on your event photos is a great way to increase exposure for your brand or the partners you work with. Our watermark tool makes it incredibly easy to upload a logo onto your event photos and offers you the flexibility you need to adjust both the size and placement of your watermark.

Here are 3 great ways you can incorporate watermarks to increase exposure:

1. Highlight your sponsors

Show your appreciation! The watermark tool can help you highlight your sponsors through your online photo gallery. As marketing becomes more and more geared towards digital platforms, a watermark is a quick and easy way to promote your sponsors. By using your sponsor’s logo as a watermark, you ensure they receive recognition for their contributions to your event.

Bonus tip: You can combine the images of multiple sponsors into one watermark to ensure they are all acknowledged on your event photos.

2. Bring attention to your fundraising organization

Remind your participants they’re running for a meaningful cause. Including the logo of your fundraising organization as a watermark is a great way to give your fundraising organization more visibility after the event. When participants share their photos on social media, their friends and family will also get to see what fundraising organization your event is raising money for.

3. Boost brand awareness

Your participants can’t wait to see and share their photos after your event is over. By watermarking your photos with your event logo, you will get additional exposure for your event when they are shared on social media. For example, if 500 of your runners share their photo on Facebook, and each of these runners has 100 friends, your event logo has potentially reached 50,000 people!

Bonus Tip: Include the URL of your event website so people know where they can go to learn more about your event.

Ready to start using watermarks?

Check out our knowledge base article for instructions on how to add a watermark to your photos.


Alexa Greene

Alexa is passionate about crafting helpful and engaging articles that assist others in reaching their goals. When she isn’t writing she can be found hiking, travelling, or trail running.