We’re starting off the new year with some new advancements to our results platform! With our latest updates to virtual challenges, finisher certificates, and results in general, you’ll have more control over your result settings, ensuring you can feel confident in your overall result experience.

Let’s explore the latest updates to our results platform:

1. Virtual challenges can now last as long as one year 

Previously, a virtual challenge hosted on Race Roster could not go longer than four months. You can now put on a virtual challenge that lasts up to one year! This is a great way to virtually engage with your participants year-round and integrate your event as part of their weekly routine!

2. Edit a challenge date after a result has been posted 

You may want to adjust your challenge timeline for a number of reasons after it has begun. Weather can certainly influence this decision, as you may want to extend your challenge to give participants a better shot at completing their challenge in conditions that are more ideal. Previously, your challenge dates were locked in as soon as a result had been posted. Now, you have the freedom to adjust your challenge dates as needed.

3. Fully customize your finisher certificate and hide placing information until results are closed

Finisher certificates are awarded to participants immediately after their results are posted, which means they have instant access to their finisher certificate after posting their time for a virtual event. You now have the option to either show or hide their place on their finisher certificate until results are closed. Hiding this information will ensure your participants do not download a certificate showing the incorrect place before all results have been submitted.

Additionally, finisher certificates are now completely customizable! You can leverage our “advanced customization” feature to import our pre-made template and make adjustments or design your certificate entirely from scratch! Similar to the email campaign tool, you can select from our list of merge tags to pull in all the necessary information you’d like to include on your finisher certificate. You can also create your certificate using HTML or by building in our WYSIWYG editor!

4. Auto-calculated pace on results

Pace will now be automatically calculated and displayed for gun time, chip time, and segment times — no manual calculations required! You have the option to display pace in the following formats:

  • min/km
  • min/mi
  • km/h
  • mi/h
  • min/100m
  • min/100y

Additionally, you can specify how the calculated pace should be displayed for each segment. For example, you can have the pace display as “min/100m” for your swimming segment, and your biking segment can show as “min/km”.

If you have any questions regarding these updates, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at director@raceroster.com.

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