We often see people completing a registration for someone else, or participants who are registering themselves and multiple other people in one transaction. This makes registering other people a quick and seamless process, but may result in some challenges if you require each participant to sign their own waiver. To solve this, we have introduced the ability to allow those who did not register themselves to sign their waiver outside of registration.

How to enable post-registration waiver signing

Ensuring that every participant signs their own waiver will allow you to rest assured knowing that each participant has legally signed off on all agreements themselves. You can enable this feature in your waiver settings by selecting “allow additional registrants to sign their own waiver”. If this is enabled, the waiver section will be skipped when registering for someone else. 

For step-by-step instructions, visit our knowledge base article on how to allow participants to sign a waiver outside of registration if they were registered by someone else.

What happens after someone has registered another person?

Once a person has registered for someone else, the registered participant will receive an email prompting them to claim their registration and visit their participant dashboard to sign their waiver.

A call-to-action to sign their waiver will also appear prominently on their participant dashboard, making it easy for your participants to determine where to go to sign the required waiver. 

Feel free to share instructions on how to sign a waiver outside of registration with your participants.

What if the registrant used their own email address?

In the event that the person registering for someone else used their own email, an alert will appear on their participant dashboard prompting them to share the unsigned waiver with the correct person.

Is it possible to confirm who has signed the required waiver?

Using the participant list or the onsite app, you are able to confirm if a participant has signed the required waiver. A ‘waiver column’ can be added to your onsite list, allowing your volunteers to easily check if a waiver has been signed during packet pickup. This is a great way to ensure that one final check has been done before handing out each participant’s bib.


If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Contact us at organizer@raceroster.com.

Coming Soon

Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of the following features:

  • The option for manually added participants to sign their own waiver from their participant dashboard
  • The option for bulk uploaded participants to sign their own waiver from their participant dashboard
  • The ability for current participants to be asked to sign a newly added waiver

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