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Maximise your fundraising potential, while creating the most seamless fundraiser experience for your participants. 

Now, Grassrootz fundraising organisations have the ability to collect donations during the registration process on Race Roster! 

Maximise fundraising potential

Don’t miss an opportunity to collect donations and raise awareness for your fundraising organisations! You can now independently enable the Grassrootz integration and import fundraising organisations from Grassrootz. Grassrootz fundraising organisations that set-up a payment profile on Race Roster can now collect donations at the time of registration.

Select the specific events Grassrootz fundraising can apply to and see your fundraising grow. Donations from registrants at the time of registration are shown to be significantly higher than if a second transaction is required.

If a participant opts to create a fundraising page in the same flow as the donation, that donation is immediately added to their fundraising page. An active fundraising page, or a page with donations showing already, is also more likely to receive donations from others!

Seamless fundraiser experience 

Please note: In order to provide participants with the option to both donate & create a fundraising page on Grassrootz, a Payment Profile must be created on Race Roster. Learn how to set up an AUD fundraising payment profile or how to set up a NZD payment profile.

We’ve created a more streamlined experience for fundraisers by integrating two pieces of valuable fundraising data between Race Roster and Grassrootz.

1 – See cumulative fundraiser totals on Grassrootz pledge page
See cumulative fundraiser totals on Grassrootz pledge page:In registration, fundraisers are given the option to select a preferred fundraising organisation and set-up a pledge page on Grassrootz. Any donations collected in registration are sent to Grassrootz, and reflected on a fundraiser’s pledge page for the most seamless and accurate experience.

2 – Share team data from Race Roster with Grassrootz:
Additionally, teams that are created on Race Roster are also passed to Grassrootz at the time of team creation. If this does occur, team members in Race Roster that opt for a fundraising page will automatically be added to the fundraising team on Grassrootz! 

Ready to get a Grassrootz Fundraising Organisation collecting donations on Race Roster? 

We’ve created a knowledge base article to walk you through the steps of setting up Grassrootz fundraising organisations on your event, and as always, our customer support team is here to help you with any questions!

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