We understand how important it is for you to monitor the progress of your peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, which is why we’ve developed an enhanced fundraiser report. This report allows you to filter by active and inactive fundraisers, identify who has raised the most, and download information that will support your donor outreach programs.

Customize your view

By customizing your view, you can select which fundraising organizations you want to include (if your event has more than one) to create a tailored report. Moreover, your report can have a custom timeline, giving you the ability to view fundraising efforts from the past week, month, or year. You can also include which fundraisers you want to see; for example, inactive fundraisers or fundraisers who have raised a specified amount.

Report on specific data points

With over 20 fields to select from, the data in your report covers a broad range of data points, from the goals of your fundraisers to the number of donations collected and more.

Saved templates and exports

Simplify your fundraising reporting process by saving the fields you normally select as a template. This allows you to run recurring reports in the future, saving you time and ensuring consistent and accurate reporting.

Race Roster’s enhanced fundraiser reporting tool gives you powerful control over the reports you rely on to manage and grow your fundraising initiatives year over year. By taking advantage of our accurate reporting, you can identify key information about your fundraisers, allowing you to save time while obtaining more value.


Harrison Tim

Harrison is the Solution Engineer and Company Educator at Race Roster. He loves to work with the platform, help product development, and give Race Roster tutorials.