Race Roster’s email campaign tool is a powerful feature you can utilize to connect with your participants every step of the way – from registration launch to event day. There are four effective email templates available on Race Roster that will help save you time and drive results. These templates have pre-configured triggers and merge tags, ensuring that you reach the right audience at the right time while adding a personal touch to your campaign.

Our templates have been carefully designed to create the most impact and allow you to effectively communicate with your email recipients. All you need to do is select a template, fill in the required fields, and activate your campaign. The automated emails will take it from there. Listed below are four email templates you can leverage to enhance your campaigns:

1. Abandoned Registration

There are plenty of reasons why a potential registrant might make it to the checkout page and not complete their registration. With the abandoned registration template, you will be able to later recapture the attention of those potential registrants and encourage them to make it to the “thank you” page next time.

2. Thank you for registering

By default, Race Roster sends a confirmation receipt to participants shortly after completing their registration. However, with this template, you will be able to send confirmation emails customized to each participant. Make each email unique by including their name and displaying an outline of each participant’s registration details. Include the sub-event name, a map of the course, their scheduled start time, and any other important race day information.

3. Social referral tool

Our social referral tool is a great incentive for your participants. Turn your participants into promoters by rewarding them for sharing your event. To remind them about the rewards that they can earn, send out the social referral template outlining the rewards and how they earn through sharing.

4. Personalize your fundraising page

Getting your participants to personalize their pledge page will help incentivize them to fundraise and earn donations for your cause. People often need to be prompted in order to set up their fundraising page. This call to action can include the charity’s goal, mission statement, and success stories. We recommend delaying this campaign to ensure that it is not overlooked immediately after registration.

To take advantage of these effective email templates, head to our knowledge base to learn more about creating an email campaign.

Harrison Tim

Harrison is the Solution Engineer and Company Educator at Race Roster. He loves to work with the platform, help product development, and give Race Roster tutorials.