Digital medals allow you to provide your participants with a commemorative keepsake they can hold onto for a lifetime. Simply upload your custom medal design and award it to your participants upon completed segments or a finished race. The choice is yours. Either way, digital medals are a great addition to any participant’s trophy case.

With digital medals, you can accomplish the following: 

Enhance your virtual event result experience

With shipping delays, extra costs, and other potential obstacles, you may decide to skip out on traditional physical medals for your virtual event, leading you to your next task – finding a great alternative way to reward the efforts of your participants. With our NEW digital medals feature, you can provide your participants with an alternative share-worthy keepsake to remember your event by. Digital medals can be awarded upon race completion, or upon a completed race segment, allowing you to recognize the efforts of each individual taking part in a team-based race, virtual triathlon, or any multi-segment event. Digital medals will be displayed on a participant’s individual results page, as well as inside a ‘medal case’ on their Race Roster home screen.

Create unique medals tailored to your event

Digital medal creation is incredibly seamless on the Race Roster platform. You can simply give your medal a name, select the applicable sub-events, and decide whether you’d like to award your medal upon race completion or upon completing one or multiple segments. Furthermore, you can limit the number of medals issued and select applicable languages, allowing you to award different medals based on participant language. Your medal design can easily be uploaded as an image via our image uploader, allowing you to offer your participants a custom medal that is entirely unique and reflects your brand.

Provide participants with a permanent and shareable keepsake

Create an outstanding medal that participants can hold onto forever and are excited to share. With digital medals, participants can instantly share their accomplishments with friends and family on social media, helping to increase awareness for your event. 

Participants can access their digital medal again at any time from their participant dashboard or personal medal case, displayed on their Race Roster home screen. The medal case is a digital space for the collection of event medals accumulated from every event they have participated in on Race Roster. This is a great way to appeal to participants who love to collect achievements. If you offer a digital medal every year, participants may strive to add each medal to their personal medal case to obtain medals for all consecutive years. 

Ready to create digital medals?

To create a digital medal, visit your event organizer dashboard and search “results” in your menu. Next, select “medals” from either the menu or the tabs displayed at the top of your screen. Set the “Enable medals” toggle to ON and create your medal!

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