Organization is an essential component of creating a successful event. Up until now, you’ve been using the “my events” page to view all of your events and the “real-time events overview” page to track their individual progress. These two beneficial pages have combined forces to bring you the new events overview page, fusing together the best of both pages, while also including additional features that will improve your event organizing experience.

Choose your preferred view

Everyone has a unique way of organizing that helps them yield their best results. The new events overview page design allows you to choose how your events are temporarily displayed, either in a grid format or list format. You can decide which layout lets you organize in a way that is most comprehensive to you. Whichever way you choose, these new formats allow you to quickly check the progress of every one of your events with a high-level overview.

Easily compare statistics across events

With the new events overview page, you can effortlessly determine the progress of each individual event as well as compare statistics across multiple events in one convenient location. You can easily view statistics such as total revenue, spots remaining, or even real-time statistics of how many people are currently registering for a particular event.

Maintain focus with sort and filter options 

Customize your page view with enhanced sort and filter capabilities. You have the ability to decide how your events are displayed to best suit your personal preference. You can sort by event date, event name, registration date, or by total participants.

The new events overview page was designed to help you maintain focus and boost productivity in a space that is most conducive to your organizational flow. This page has replaced the “real-time events overview” and will soon be replacing the “my events” page as well. To see it in action, visit your event organizer dashboard and navigate to the “metrics” section on your sidebar. Events overview will be the first link listed under this header.

If you have any questions regarding the new events overview page, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Alexa Greene

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