To better understand the features of our new event organizer menu, we’ve put together this resource page where you can quickly review the changes we’ve made, and learn more about why we made them. We’re confident that these changes will help you navigate your dashboard more efficiently, saving you valuable time!

Search bar

With the new responsive search bar, finding the setting or add-on you need is incredibly simple. Located in the event organizer menu, this powerful tool responds with search results in real time. When you begin typing, all applicable add-ons will be displayed. For example, if you type in the letter “p”, products will show up as an option.

Organized by design

Organization is key to any kind of success. That is exactly what we kept in mind when creating the design for the new event organizer menu. Everything is clearly laid out and the features you use are sorted into specific categories. This allows you to access and utilize everything the event organizer menu has to offer with ease.

Add-ons tailored to your needs

Race Roster offers many innovative add-on features to ensure the success of your event. Your new event organizer menu only shows the add-ons you have chosen to enable, as well as a few key recommended ones you may benefit from. These refinements make it much easier to quickly navigate to the features you care about the most.

Discover features

Within the event organizer menu, recommended add-ons are accompanied by an ‘add’ button, allowing you to automatically enable features and go to the add-on settings section of the settings overview page. All the add-ons that have not been enabled can be found on this page. Access the settings overview page at any time to browse our robust feature selection through the ‘get more add-ons’ button listed under ‘add-ons’ on your new menu. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover something new to help your event succeed!

We’re confident that the redesign of the event organizer menu will help you navigate your dashboard more efficiently, saving you valuable time. If you have any questions or feedback for us, feel free to get in touch with us at anytime – we’d love to chat!

Ready to start exploring your new menu? Visit your dashboard!