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Unfamiliar with our Digital Engagement Kits?
Learn more about this powerful tool!

Looking for a way to lessen the back-and-forth emails that can keep you ‘busy’ but not ‘productive’?

Invite your event partners and even participants to collaborate on your Digital Engagement Kit (DEK) and let them take ownership of their own content, branding, and voice – only with your approval first, of course!

How you’ll use this tool:

Step 1:

Invite your partners to create a card.

Step 2:

Receive a notification when they’ve submitted their card for approval.

Step 3:

Once approved, the submitted card becomes a viewable card in your DEK!

  1. Allow sponsors to take ownership of their ads, offers, and other material:

Efficiently collaborate with sponsors by removing the logistics surrounding file-sharing. Let them take control of their branding and layout and skip the back and forth email process!

  1. Showcase your fundraising partners:

Invite your fundraising partner(s) to create a card and share their story, incentives, and resources!

  1. Working with a 3rd party event management or marketing agency?

Invite them to collaborate on cards and manage the content and design.

  1. Encourage donations and fundraising participation:

Invite participants and/or teams to connect with others and share their stories and personalized donation pages.

Card management,
your way

  • We’ve created optional settings to enable/disable your approval for cards submitted by event partners.

  • Control the open and close date of all the cards in your DEK to ensure cards are submitted prior to sharing with your participants.

Get collaborating now!

We’ve created step-by-step instructions to help you get collaborating with your event partners.

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