Offering your participants and contributors multiple ways to give allows them to support your cause with ease. By utilizing the Race Roster fundraising tool, contributors can donate how and when it’s most convenient for them – during registration, or outside of registration by donating an individual/team or by making a general donation. Learn more about each of these options below:

Donation during registration

You can give your participants the opportunity to donate during the registration process. Prior to paying for their registration, they will be presented with the option to make a donation to the fundraising organizations you’ve partnered with. Having this call to action in the registration flow is convenient and simplifies the process of giving.

Supporting an individual or team

Peer-to-peer fundraising enables your fundraisers to receive support from family, friends, colleagues, and more. Whether they’re fundraising as an individual or as part of a team, Race Roster makes it easy for them to share their personal fundraising page. When your fundraisers spread awareness, your reach begins to expand exponentially.

Making a general donation

If fundraising has been enabled on your event, a general donation button and a fundraising section will be displayed on your event details page. This is where your contributors and participants can donate at any time. The fundraising section can be used as your primary place to collect donations and provide more information about the organizations you have partnered with.

Customizing the donation experience

When making a donation, contributors are presented with the following options:

  • Remain anonymous or donate publicly
  • Use a different display name for the donation
  • Hide the donation amount from the public view
  • Display a company name for the donation
  • Enter a personal message for the donation (optional)
  • If enabled by the event organizer, allow contributors to cover the credit card and service fee costs by increasing their donation, so the organization receives 100% of the donation amount

By offering contributors multiple ways to give, combined with options on how they give, you are able to simplify the donation process, help you expand your audience reach, and provide your contributors with multiple ways to give.

To get started, check out our knowledge base article on how to enable fundraising.


Harrison Tim

Harrison is the Solution Engineer and Company Educator at Race Roster. He loves to work with the platform, help product development, and give Race Roster tutorials.