We’ve recently introduced the ability to track your chargeback disputes, their status, and the details of the participant who initiated the dispute. We built this feature to provide you with more insight and transparency on credit card chargebacks initiated by your participants.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a credit card charge that is reversed after a cardholder disputes the charge with their bank. In the endurance event industry, cardholders typically initiate chargebacks when events are postponed or canceled because they didn’t receive the goods or services they expected. Even with a ‘no refund’ policy, banks may exercise their discretion and grant a refund to the cardholder if they deem the policy to be unclear or unfair.

Follow along with your disputes report 

You can now visit your dedicated disputes & chargebacks dashboard to access your disputes report. This report contains detailed information on chargeback disputes, allowing you to follow along with the progress of disputes until they are resolved. This information includes:

  • Date the dispute was initiated
  • Dispute ID
  • Confirmation number of the participant
  • Amount of dispute
  • Status (pending, lost, or won)
  • Reason for dispute
  • Original transaction receipt

Additionally, you can leverage our filter functionality to display disputes that occurred in a specific date range or filter by status. You can also use the search functionality to quickly find a specific dispute.

Automatic transaction hold

This feature has been introduced solely for you to stay up-to-date on the number of disputes that arise and their progress. No action from you is required to handle these disputes. When a participant submits a dispute, the specific funds for that participant will automatically be held back. With automatic holdings, there is no action needed for lost disputes (unless the dispute occurs after the final payout for the event). If the dispute is won, we will release the funds and you will receive them with your next payout.

While the fund holdings are automatic, our chargeback dispute team will still be responsible for investigating and disputing each chargeback. Our team is well-trained and dedicated to handling your disputes with care.

Insights to manage and communicate with participants

Having more transparency with chargebacks and disputes keeps you informed and allows you to reach out to participants if you’d like to personally address the dispute with them. You’ll be able to see the reason for the dispute in your dispute report, which may influence how you’d like to address the situation with them.

If a participant wins the chargeback, you have the option to set the participant to inactive, as they may no longer be participating in your event.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to resource us! You can visit our knowledge base article on where to find your disputes and chargebacks or contact us at director@raceroster.com.


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