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In case you missed it: California law effective July 1, 2024
Due to the “Honest Pricing Law” or “Hidden Fees Statute,” SB 478, it will be illegal for businesses to “advertise or list a price for a good or service that does not include all required fees or charges other than certain government taxes and shipping costs.”

In this article, we’re covering:

Where action is NOT needed

Pricing displays on Race Roster

There is no action needed from you regarding any price displays generated by Race Roster. However, if you have included the price in any custom content on Race Roster, such as custom pages, you will want to ensure these are updated.

Where action may be needed

Custom content & external displays

If you display event pricing in places such as an event website, email campaigns, or other places containing custom content, you can now reference the new Single Prominent Pricing List to update your displays!

1. Which areas on Race Roster have been updated?

We have updated Race Roster to ensure all mandatory charges and processing fees are included in the displayed price where charges are shown across event’s within California.

Updated areas include:

  • Event details page
  • Sub-event selection (in registration flow)
  • Products & merchandise (in registration flow)
  • Gifts/registration codes (in registration flow)
  • Buy as a gift page
  • Series event details page
  • Series sub-event selection (in registration flow)
  • Event store page
  • Event store product listing page
  • Transfers (in registration flow)

The adjusted prices have also been accompanied with a message explaining the inclusion of all charges and fees within the price displayed.

2. Updates to required products

Within the event registration form, the cost of required products will be included in the display price for sub-events. In the merchandise section of registration, the display price for required products will be hidden. Additionally, the label that was previously “required” will now say “included“.

The cost of required paid products will still appear as a separate line item on the registrant’s receipt and in your event reports.

3. New Single Prominent Pricing List

If you display event pricing in places such as:

  • An event website
  • Email campaigns
  • Other places containing custom content

We encourage you to visit the NEW ‘Single Prominent Pricing List’ to view the calculated all inclusive prices for all your sub-events. This will allow you to accurately update your custom content prior to July 1, 2024 and can be referenced in the future as an overview of pricing totals.

Want to learn more?

Check out our knowledge base article on How to use the Single Prominent Pricing List tab for California Based Events.

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