Email automation is an efficient way to improve your marketing process and grow your event. Instead of manually sending out your email campaigns, our campaign tool can automatically deliver your campaigns to a targeted audience. Campaigns can also be scheduled; you can choose to set your campaign to be delivered at a certain date and time, or delay it by a couple of days. In addition to scheduling, you have the option to select three types of recipients when building your campaign:

Current contacts who match set triggers

This option sends your campaign to registrants that match the set triggers that are currently on your registration list. This will be a one time email. If you have any last minute information that needs to be addressed or you want to send out a reminder regarding any additional event details, sending a campaign that matches your current contacts is a great way to communicate that information.

Future contacts who match set triggers

By choosing this option, your campaign will be sent to participants after they have completed registration. These campaigns will continue to send automatically. Set up an automatic “thank you for registering” campaign and tailor it to the participant. After they register, they will receive an email that can include the details of their selected sub-event and any other additional information regarding the event.

BCC recipients

Our blind carbon copy (BCC) option allows your team to stay in the loop. This is intended for internal use as a way for team members to receive an email campaign each time it is triggered. If a wheelchair participant registers for the event you can send a BCC email to your wheelchair course coordinator notifying them about the registrant.

The Race Roster campaign automation tools are designed to make your job as an event organizer easier. Email automation allows you to enhance and automate your campaigns without manually sending individual email campaigns. With the combination of timing and efficiency, you will be able to deliver your content in a more tailored and timely fashion.

Ready to prepare your campaigns for the long run? Check out our knowledge base article on creating an email campaign.


Harrison Tim

Harrison is the Solution Engineer and Company Educator at Race Roster. He loves to work with the platform, help product development, and give Race Roster tutorials.