Offering efficient support to your participants is a powerful way to ensure a smooth registration process and increased participant satisfaction. If data entered during registration needs to be updated, providing a fast and effective solution lets your participant know that even though there may be a large number of registrants, their needs are important to you. Enabling editable participant data is a great way to ensure efficient support for your participants while simultaneously saving you time.

What is editable participant data?

The participant editable data tool allows you to control which participant data fields you would like to allow your participants to edit after they initially fill out the registration form. If they made a typo, accidentally clicked on the wrong option, or simply changed their mind about something they had previously selected (e.g., t-shirt size), you can give them the ability to go back at a later date and update these details on their own.

Here are some ways this simple yet innovative tool will help you save time while still providing effective support during registration.

Save time

The participant editable data tool allows you to offer your participants an easy solution for necessary updates to their registration data. This allows participants to feel confident that they will receive the right shirt size, or that they’ll be scored in the right age group, even if they initially entered different information. Providing this support is important, however changing this data can easily take up a substantial portion of your time.

With the participant editable data tool, the process of updating data can be made more efficient for both you and your participants. Instead of spending valuable time making these changes yourself, you can simply send instructions to the recipient on how they can easily edit the data themselves. This lets you focus your attention on other important tasks, such as finding your next sponsor.

Improve participant experience

As an event organizer, you know how important it is to provide a prompt response to your participants. The faster a response is given, the more assured the recipient will be that helping them is a priority. With this streamlined process, you will be able to efficiently handle multiple participant data update requests. With such a positive experience, they’ll be pleased with the quality of customer service provided, and will more likely be a returning customer.

Reduce error

The participant editable data tool allows you to be confident that any changes made to your participant’s information is accurate. Poor call quality or a misread email could potentially lead to incorrect data being entered by your support staff. Allowing participants to edit their own data helps ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

Participants will be able to correct the information they accidentally entered on the registration form or update any data that is no longer accurate. For example, a participant who initially estimated their finish time at 70 minutes has been training hard and now believes their finish time will be 60 minutes. Since you are able to specify which fields can be edited by participants, you can allow your participants to update their answers to additional questions, such as “what is your estimated finish time?”. The participant in this scenario will feel at ease knowing they can easily update their answer to ensure they will be placed in the correct corral.

The list of tasks can seem endless when organizing an event. With so many components to take care of, the participant editable data tool lets you prioritize and focus on your bigger item tasks while providing quality support to your participants.

To get started, check out our knowledge base article on how to set up participant editable data.


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