On March 4th , 2019, The race registration company, Race Roster (raceroster.com) purchased RunScore (www.runscore.com) from RunTime Software, LLC to provide RunScore users with a future path for the dependable race scoring platform.

RunScore is authored by Alan Jones who scored his first race, in real time, in 1970. RunScore first appeared in 1985, allowing race timers a fast, effective way to produce results quickly. It has evolved through customer feedback, the evolution of chip/tag systems, and the near universal availability of the Internet, which has made it possible for timers to post results as runners cross the finish line. In 2017, Steven Keith and Steve Delahunty joined Alan to help the platform keep up with the growing requirements of RunScore users.

Race Roster was founded by a group of friends with combined interests in running, technology, and event management. After organizing their own 10K in 2010, it was apparent that the running industry was in need of better registration and fundraising technology. Since May 2012, Race Roster has grown their team to 60 employees and works with over 4,000 races per year.

Left to right: Darek Magusiak (Sr.Developer, Race Roster, Robbie Wilder (CTO, Race Roster), Alan Jones (RunScore Founder), Alex Vander Hoeven (CEO, Race Roster)

After a number of conversations between Alan and Alex Vander Hoeven, the CEO of Race Roster, it became apparent that Alan was looking for a partner to support the future path of RunScore. Alan’s key requirements were that RunScore remain accessible to registration platforms and chip/tag systems, and that the roadmap for the platform be guided by its long-term users. The idea of having multiple companies in the market competing to build the best solutions for timers was also a motivator. The Race Roster team agreed to Alan’s terms and will continue to invest in RunScore and other innovative solutions that enhance the race day experience for all stakeholders.

The immediate future for RunScore will not look much different than it has in the past. Alan, Steve, and Kei will all continue to support RunScore, while the two teams along with key RunScore users collectively determine the best go-forward strategy. To start, investments will be made in enhancing stability, security, and the integrations with timing hardware and registration companies. There will also be an immediate investment in creating training and educational materials to improve the learning curve for new timers. The team feels the current price for RunScore updates is fair and is not planning on increasing it.

Alan and the Race Roster team believe this partnership is a positive move for RunScore, Race Roster, timers, and, ultimately, the participants. RunScore has been a crucial component of the road race industry for over 30 years and is now on track to continue supporting the timers that depend on it for many years to come.

If you have inquiries about this announcement, please reach out to Alan Jones or Alex Vander Hoeven via email (alan@runscore.com and alex@raceroster.com).


Alex Vander Hoeven

After 5 years as a Consultant at Deloitte, Alex shifted gears to help guide Race Roster’s vision and growth. He is a fledgling runner & cyclist and is energized by the community around endurance events. Alex is a passionate advocate for event organizers at Race Roster and ensuring everything exceeds your expectations.