As event organizers, it is often our goal to deliver the experience of our events to as many people as possible. However, with COVID-19 restrictions and various other challenges that have arose, we may find ourselves needing to limit our events to specific locations. Our new location limit feature makes it incredibly easy to restrict an event by state/province, country, or ZIP/postal code.

Restrict events by state/province

We’re excited to see many events receiving approval to put on their in-person events, however, many states and provinces are requiring organizers to restrict their events to participants who reside within the state or province. With our new location limit feature, you can define which state/province will be a permitted residential location for people registering for your event. 

You are also able to customize the error message that will display to people who enter an unpermitted state, explaining the situation in your own words. E.g., “Due to COVID-19 restrictions, your selected state/province does not permit you to register for this event”.

Restrict events by country

There are also many events that have received approval to open up their in-person event to those residing within the country. You can simply select which countries will be allowed to register for the event, and just like with state/province limits, you can set a custom error message to display when people enter a country that is not permitted.

Additionally, you can redirect registrants to a different event. This works great for events that would like to send registrants to a different event page charging a different currency. For example, if an international person accidentally lands on your Canada page charging CAD, they can be redirected to the international page charging USD. 

Validate the billing ZIP/postal code 

You can also restrict your event to registrants with billing addresses containing particular ZIP and postal codes. This works great for event organizers who are hosting local events. It also allows you to open your registration to only local residents before opening registration to everyone else. This is a great way to make your locals feel appreciated, especially if you are expecting your event to sell out quickly!

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