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Are you tying the knot, and just don’t know what to add to your gift registry? Do you have a honeymoon planned and are looking for the perfect activity for the fitness couple? Or are you attending a wedding and still searching for a unique gift?

Race Roster’s Gifting functionality took a special turn this past week and we felt that this great idea needed to be shared. Wanting to know more about Race Roster’s Gifting option, Ellen, a bride-to-be, sent us this:

“Hi! We’re from the US and are planning on doing this race for our honeymoon. Our wedding is September 5th and we were going to list our registration fee as a gift possibility!”

Ellen and her partner-to-be are planning to honeymoon in beautiful Canmore, Alberta and are eyeing The Canmore Rocky Mountain Half Marathon, 10k and 5k as their gifted race. Everyone at Race Roster HQ was touched by this story and surprised at the unique ways people are using Gifting.

Here is a quick reminder of how Race Roster’s Gifting tool works:

Once a race turns on the Gifting tool, a ‘BUY AS A GIFT’ button will appear under the ‘REGISTER’ button on the Event Details page. Using this option, a friend or loved one can purchase a gift on behalf of someone else. A unique code will be generated and sent to the racer during the purchase (or at a later date).

You can then print it off and wrap it in a box, envelope, gift bag, or any of your other favourite Gifting vehicles.

Once the happy couple opens the gift (or receives the email), they can use the code to secure their spot for the event free of charge, kick-starting their reputation as a fitness couple, just like Ellen! Make sure they don’t wait too long because popular events tend to fill up fast and they need to confirm their spots.

Alternatively you could purchase a Race Roster gift registration just before the wedding day. One quick look at our logo and the bride will have her something blue…

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Nate Hayward