As an event organizer it’s ideal to eliminate as much stress as possible, for both the participant as well as for yourself. Race Roster’s bib lookup tool is a great way to make it easy for the participant to find the pertinent information they need for race day. It’s as simple as entering a full name, first name, last name, or email address into the search bar of the bib lookup tool. By putting all the needed information at the participant’s fingertips, you will save time and take away the stress that accompanies uncertainty!

Listed below are a few ways the bib lookup tool can be utilized to provide a seamless experience.

Provide confidence

Preparation is key when it comes to providing a positive event experience. A great way to start off on the right foot is to send your participants their bib number in advance using the Race Roster campaign tool. Additionally, you can include a link to the bib lookup tool in your campaign, as well as display it in the navigation menu of your event page using our custom fields feature. These solutions will allow your participants to easily find their own bib number, or the bib number of anyone else they might be picking up for. Now that they have the information they need, your participants will feel prepared right from the very start. When event day arrives, they will be able to feel confident at packet pickup knowing exactly what bib numbers to pick up.

Offer support

Alternatively, the bib lookup tool can be used on-site at the event. Its clean interface was intentionally designed with the user in mind, making it clear for participants or event staff to read on any device and quickly look up a bib number with ease. The bib lookup tool also streamlines the time it takes for packet pickup, making it a swift and efficient process. All of these components allow your participants to stay focused on what really matters, the run itself.

Utilizing the bib lookup tool allows you to help your participants determine their bib number with ease and ensure they feel confident going into the event. You can provide on-site support to your participants and help them eliminate those pre-race jitters, while also streamlining the packet-pickup process.

To get started, learn how to add the bib lookup tool to your event details page. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to resource us!


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