Participants love to support causes they feel strongly about, and a convenient way to offer their support is by donating during event registration. We know that a large number of registrations contain more than one participant, which is why we’ve added the ability for each registrant to make a separate donation, giving them control over how they contribute. To help your participants reach their fundraising goals faster, simply enable the individual donations per registrant feature.

Here are some ways this feature will motivate and benefit your participants:

Offer flexibility

The Individual donations per registrant feature allows each registrant the flexibility to donate in a way that is personal to them. Registrants can make a donation of any amount as a general donation to the fundraising organization of their choice, to a fellow registrant on their transaction or to themselves, allowing each registrant to kick off their campaign before sharing their peer-to-peer page with friends and family. No matter the preference, the donor has the freedom to choose how they will provide support.

Motivate donors

Enabling the individual donations per registrant feature is an effective way to motivate your participants to donate. By offering each registrant the opportunity to give during registration, you are immediately connecting to a bigger audience.

Not only are you reaching more people, you are providing each person a convenient and easy way to give. Since each registrant can donate right away to the cause of their choice, they can save time by not having to go back to the event details page to donate at a later time.

Reward registrants with recognition

Donating to a fundraising organization can be a very rewarding experiences. Our in-registration donation functionality allows you to customize who receives recognition for their generous donations. Donors can choose to donate under their own name, anonymously or under a pseudonym as well as attach a personalized message that appears publicly on the fundraiser’s personal fundraising page. By enabling individual donations per registrant, you can customize these details per registrant. Since the person registering isn’t always the one making the donation, this allows the flexibility to accurately reward the proper donor.

Offering each registrant the opportunity to provide a donation in a way that best suits them is an effective way to motivate participants to donate through a simple and rewarding process.

To get started, check out our knowledge base article on how to enable the individual donations per registrant feature.


Alexa Greene

Alexa is passionate about crafting helpful and engaging articles that assist others in reaching their goals. When she isn’t writing she can be found hiking, travelling, or trail running.