The Race Roster participant density map tool gives you a bird’s eye view of the geographic locations for your participants using a color spectrum overlay. This allows you to identify the areas your event thrives in and where you can focus your marketing efforts to expand your audience. This in itself is a powerful way to use the tool, yet it can do so much more.

Keep reading to see the various ways you can utilize the participant density map tool to maximize your reach.

Identify marketing opportunities

The participant density map tool allows you to obtain great insight into your audience. As stated above, you are able to precisely identify key areas to focus your marketing efforts on. Your event may have a lot of registrations from one area of the city, but you may not have as much engagement occurring in another area. You are able to identify these gaps and start brainstorming ways to bring in those potential registrants!

Attract new sponsors

Once you have determined which areas need more attention, you can put your marketing plan into motion. A powerful way to do so is by contacting key influencers and showing them your demographic reach. Show the information from the participant density map tool to gym owners, athletic stores, health food shops, running clubs, and a number of other potential sponsors to demonstrate the value you can provide them. By doing so, you are able to motivate sponsors to help promote your event and expand your reach.

Increase community engagement

Sharing an image of your event’s participant density map on social media is a fun way to engage with your community. To take it a step further, post weekly (or monthly) participant density map images, showing the progression of your registrations. Then, to top it all off, you can post an animated GIF of all your participant density map images leading up to event day.

Accommodate the needs of your participants

The participant density map is a great way to determine how many registrants will be coming from out of town. If you find that you have quite a few registrants that are travelling to your event, you can help cater to their needs. For example, you could enhance the participant experience by contacting nearby hotels and seeing if they are interested in offering a discount.

These are just a few ways you can use the participant density map tool to grow your event, connect with sponsors, and increase community engagement. To learn more, visit our knowledge base article on how to make use of the participant density map tool.


Alexa Greene

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