Products are an important part of any event. Once upon a time we called this “swag” and “merchandise”, but it became clear that your products can be so much more than that. Your product could be the limited edition sweater that your participant’s cherish for years to come. It could be the delicious snack they opt in for that may seem small but truly completes the experience of your event. It could be a massage at the post-race party or even a virtual yoga session they secure their spot for to cooldown after the event.

Since products are such an important piece, we wanted to ensure that creating and managing your products on the Race Roster platform is a quick and seamless experience for you. Introducing the new redesigned products dashboard page.

What’s changed for products?

The functionality you know and love will remain the same, but we have made significant improvements to the way you can set up and manage your products.

Create a product in only 2 steps

Our product creation process has been reduced from 5 steps to an easy 2. To create a new product, you can simply enter in the necessary details and proceed straight to your pricing & inventory settings.  

Clear pricing options

You may want to give your product away for free, sell it, or only give a specific amount away for free and then start selling it. The choice is yours and your options are now very prominently displayed. 

Product summary view

We’ve added a product summary view to give you a clear overview of your product’s details and inventory/pricing settings on one page. With this summary view, you can ensure that everything is set exactly the way you need.

New product inventory settings

You now have the ability to hide inventory in store, as well as choose if you would like to have inventory carried year-over-year when duplicating your event!


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