Have you created your first virtual challenge yet? We recently introduced a NEW virtual event type called “challenges”. So far, this has been a great way for event brands to strengthen their relationships with participants and engage with them in a new and exciting way. 

With this new feature, you can challenge your participants to work towards completing a goal within a specific time-frame. The goal could be a predefined distance or just “as much as you possibly can”.

Example Challenges:

  • Run as much as you can in the month of October
  • Run Ozark Highlands Trail in 100 days (not literally, but you can challenge participants to run the distance it would actually take, and you can display their progress on a map moving from the West to the East Coast!)
  • Run 60 km in six weeks

Let’s see how it works:

We love challenges because it’s a great way to further engage with your participants and opens the door for more opportunities to build a strong connection between participants and your brand. Rather than participants completing your event in one day, challenges can last up to four months! Your brand could become part of a participant’s weekly routine as they progressively work towards completing their challenge goal. 

Since the initial release of virtual challenges, we have made a couple noteworthy enhancements! 

Challenge finisher certificates

Provide participants with the recognition they deserve! After completing the challenge, award them with their very own finisher certificate, displaying their name and proof of challenge completion. Finisher certificates can be customized to your liking! You can upload a background image, customize your color scheme, and showcase sponsor logos for additional exposure.

Warnings for mis-matched routes

We’ve put a warning in place to help you ensure your challenge map route accurately represents the challenge distance. If you’ve set a distance goal and uploaded a map to show your challenge participants progressing from point A to point B, a warning will display if the distance between the two points is largely different from the set distance goal.

Time submissions & scoring additions

You now have the option to require participants to submit a time along with their distance when submitting a challenge activity. If times are being collected, leaderboards will now take the accumulated duration and the percentage of the challenge completed into account when ranking participants. For example, if a participant completed the challenge first, but a different participant completed the challenge in less time, the participant with the fastest accumulated duration will rank first.

The addition of activity duration is also a great way for participants to see exactly how much time they put into completing their challenge and view how much time others have as well!

Ready to create a challenge? It’s quick & easy!

Visit our knowledge base article for step-by-step instructions on how to create a virtual challenge.


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