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A few weeks ago, in one of our newsletters, we asked for input from YOU. In the coming months we are going to continually seek your input in hopes that our newsletters, blogs, and social media content cater to your interests.

In our February newsletter we asked the following:

“If you have any burning questions, problems you keep running into as an event organizer, or you simply want to know the fastest way to cut bananas before race day, drop us a line!”

We received great questions, and some funny feedback that we have shared below. There is no such thing as a stupid question, only the one that isn’t asked. Feel free to contact us at, through Twitter with the hashtag ‘#youaskweanswer,’ or with a comment on Race Roster’s Facebook page.

1. Thomas Mignosa asked:

“I am interested in getting my course (re-)certified. We are in our 16th year. Our original course was a certified, measured course but 1) that expired after 10 years and 2) we have adjusted the course as the race expanded.

I would rather not measure it myself. I lack the equipment, the expertise and the prep time. Where would you turn to find a reasonably priced, or donated, service to measure a course?”


Hi Tom,

I am glad you asked! After talking to a few people around here, the solution we came up with was to give this site a try:

2. In response to our ‘fastest way to cut bananas’ we received this humorous response:

“If you want to help these runners you have to refer them to the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer for sale on Don’t buy it, just read the comments.”


We generally don’t endorse products on Race Roster and, in our experience, a knife will work just fine for slicing bananas. But still, who knew this even existed?! Haha.

We recommend giving the comments a once-over. They definitely left us smiling!


Nate Hayward