Merchandise sales (Products)

Product: Registration

With our products feature you as an event organizer have the ability to give away or sell merchandise during registration.

    • Inventory & pricing: You can control if you want to give a product away for free, sell a product for a certain dollar amount, or give some away for free, and then for sale.
      • Give this product away for free: allows the registrant to add an item to their registration with no charge.
      • Sell this product: Set a price to a specific product and have the registrant add it to their registration.
      • Some for free, then for sale: is when you giveaway a product for free to a set number of participants, then have it be sold for a set price to all other participants.
    • Mandatory products: During your registration you can mark a product mandatory. With a mandatory product, the registrant cannot proceed to checkout until they have selected a product option.
    • Apply products to specific sub-events: Have specific products applied to certain sub-events.
    • Photos and description: Describe the product you’re offering with images and copy. Use photos to show different angles and details of your item. You also have the ability to add a GIF to your product.
    • Multiple options: Sell or give away multiple options of a product. Let your participant’s have the ability to select multiple different sizes or colours.
    • Limits on products and options: If you already have a set number of products in your inventory you can set a limit on the product as a whole or an option. Once your product or option reaches the limit, the item will be sold out.
    • Price adjustments on an option: The ability to charge a different price for each option of a product. Adjust and set a dollar amount that you wish to increase or decrease your base price for that option.
    • Discount to registration if option selected: This feature provides a discount on the cost of registration if the participant has selected the option For e.g. $5 off if you opt out of the shirt
    • Displaying your products and options: Customize the order of your products, show the quantity that is available, let your registrants know which products are sold out, and hide certain products from the public.