Refunds & transfers

Product: Registration


Configure and enable automated transfer settings to help reduce the number of transfer requests landing in your inbox. We offer two different types of transfers, sub-event to sub-event and person to person.

  • Sub-event to sub-event: allows participants to transfer between sub-events. Whether the participant is looking to upgrade or downgrade to a different distance they have the autonomy to do so.
  • Person to person: allows a participant to transfer their registration to another person who is looking to partake in the event.
  • These transfer settings can remain internal or public facing to give your participants the autonomy of managing their own registrations.
  • Transfer Close Date: Set up a deadline for participants to complete their transfers. Once it’s past the close date, transfers will automatically be turned off.
  • Our transfer tool has three types of configurations:
    • Apply original registration as credit towards new registration: This type of transfer is one of the most popular configurations. It allows an individual to use their original registration and product purchases (if applicable) towards a new sub-event registration or placed towards registration of another individual.
    • Refund the original and charging for a new registration: When using this type of transfer, it is important to note that the intention is to have the original registration fully refunded and removed and the new registration at the current price paid for and added to the participant list.
    • Allow the participant to just pay a transfer fee: Will remove the new sub-event price from the new registration and the participant will only be charged a set fee.
  • These configurations can be applied to both scenarios: sub-event to sub-event and person to person.
  • As an Event Organizer there are multiple places to initiate a transfer and there are multiple places for the registrant to perform a transfer.
  • You can also charge line items and taxes on to the new registration price.

To learn more about transfers and how to configure them head over to our knowledge base article titled how to configure online transfers.