Virtual event toolkit

Product: Timing tools

Whether you are creating a virtual event from scratch or transitioning your existing event into a virtual one, Race Roster has the tools you need to execute an outstanding virtual experience!

The virtual event toolkit includes:

  • Tools for collection of participant preferences – If you’d like to offer your participants choices outside of participating in your virtual event, such as a refund, deferral or a conversion of fees into a donation, you can collect this information by adding a question such as “how would you like to proceed with your registration?” Populate your preferred options and make this question editable. With the appropriate link, participants can then easily submit their preference via their participant dashboard.

  • Communication tools for a seamless transition – To make this process as easy as possible, Race Roster has prepared an email campaign template you can style to match the branding of your event. Utilize this campaign to welcome participants to your virtual event experience and communicate the process of submitting their results.

  • End-to-end experience with the ASICS Runkeeper app – Event organizers can sync up their existing event with one of seven virtual race options in ASICS the Runkeeper™ app:

    • 5K, 8K, 10K, 10 mile, Half marathon, Marathon, and 50K

  • Ready-to-go Runkeeper app email template – Utilize our ready-to-go email template to communicate with participants and outline the easy steps on how to use the Runkeeper app for your event and submit their results.

  • Customizable participant results page  – Leverage the power of your customizable results page to reflect your awesome event branding and potentially showcase the sponsors you work with. You can add a custom banner to direct participants anywhere you choose. This could be the online store of a sponsor, registration for your next race, and more.

  • Customizable finisher certificate – Enhance the look of your finisher certificate with our new customization features. Select your own colours, upload a background image that reflects your event branding, and display logos of your event, timing crew, and sponsors. Additionally, you can apply your custom finisher certificate look to all sub-events, or only to the specific ones that you choose.

  • Simple participant result submission

    • Visit Results Page Participants are able to access their virtual results submission page by visiting your results page. 
    • Confirm registration Participants will be required to confirm their registration by signing into their Race Roster account via email or entering in their last name and confirmation number. 
    • Submit results Once their registration is confirmed, they will be prompted to enter in their results and the results of anyone else that was included in their initial registration.

  • Ability to upload screenshot proof – Participants are able to upload a screenshot of their result to show proof of their finish time. These screenshots can be captured using their preferred tracking app. You can ask for screenshot proof and set it as optional or mandatory, or if you prefer, you can decide to not collect screenshot proof at all.

  • Quick and easy result submission management – When viewing the results page, event organizers and timers will have unique access to view each individual’s photo proof (if applicable) and delete results if deemed illegitimate.

  • Dedicated & reliable customer support team  – Our Customer Success team is ready to support your event team members and participants.

Additional resources

  • Virtual event e-book  – It’s time to bring your participants a virtual event that doesn’t just check a box. We’ve put together a ‘guide to helping your virtual event stand out’ to help you execute a unique and engaging virtual experience that gets your participants excited and sharing online.
    Access the e-book

If you have any questions or need help activating any of the features listed above, contact us at director@raceroster.com.

If you are not currently a Race Roster customer, we’d be happy to chat! Contact us for a demo at demo@raceroster.com.