We’ve recently introduced a number of new configuration settings, giving you more control over your event settings. The following configuration settings are now available to staff members with full access:

Participant list settings

  • Show location: Display the participant’s city and country in the confirmation list
  • Show fundraising raised amount: Display the raised amount in the custom list’s fundraising raised column.
  • Show abbreviated last name: Display the participant’s last name as just the first initial in the confirmation list. E.g., Casey S.
  • Show team category: Displays the team category in the confirmation list

Event date settings

  • Show event dates on email: Display the event dates on confirmation email
  • Show multiple event dates on receipt: Display all the dates that have been entered into ‘Event Info’ settings on confirmation email and receipt PDF
  • Show event dates on receipt: Display the event dates on confirmation receipt

Event details page

  • Show dates: Display the event dates on the event details page
  • Show gift registration button: Display the buy a gift button on the event details page
  • Show contact info: Display the contact info on the event details page
  • Show pricing schedule full: Display the pricing table on the event details page
  • Show schedule: Display the schedule on the event details page
  • Store details page button: Display the store button on the event details page 
  • Create 3 new buttons/ links on the right hand side of the page: Create additional links and copy on your right hand menu

Waiver settings

  • Waiver signatures and copy: Add the input for the user to sign/initial the waiver
  • Waiver expanded: Display the waivers pre-expanded in the registration flow

Donation settings

  • Default donation amounts: Change the default donation amounts that appear when one makes a donation. Please enter in multiple values separated by commas e.g. 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300

Team settings 

  • Teams leader can remove registrants: Allows the team captain to remove a registrant from the team
  • Team creator selection: Allow the team creator to be changed – separate from the team captain

Thank you page

  • Condensed thank you page: A more condensed version of the thank you page, hiding the banner and moving the confirmation no. into the body copy


  • Sub-event bundles: enable sub-event bundling to register for multiple sub-events at once
  • Registration warning messages: Add a message to the top of each page in the registration flow
  • Additional registrant promo codes: When unchecked, the promo code and gift code box will be removed for additional registrants if there are multiple people in a transaction.
  • Add registrant: Display the add a registrant button on the registration form. If unchecked participants will register 1 at a time 
  • Jumbotron banner: Display the event details banner throughout the registration flow
  • Registration features order: Order in which each of the section will appear during registration:
    • 0 – Questions
    • 1 – Memberships
    • 2 – Team
    • 3 – Products
    • 4 – USAT
    • 5 – Promo & gift code
    • 6 – Fundraising settings

Learn more about the power of staff access settings.