As an active community, we are always on the go. It can be incredibly easy to lose track of something we did months ago – or even yesterday! Sometimes we just need a little friendly reminder, which is why we have introduced a duplicate registration warning to participants who may be trying to register for your event for a second time.

We are confident this new feature will help prevent accidental duplicate registrations, save you time on refunds, and will offer you peace-of-mind if you decide to keep your registration for a long period of time!

How this works

Casey was incredibly excited when registration for the Seawater Stride race opened for the following year right after event day! Casey receives an invite to sign up during registration launch and registers right away.

Months pass and Casey’s friend asks her if she wants to participate in the Seawater Stride with her. Casey fondly remembers how much fun she had last year and gives an immediate yes! She jumps onto the Seawater Stride registration page and is welcomed by a friendly reminder that she already registered. 

Casey exits the registration page and feels thankful for this warning. This feature saved Casey from registering a second time and the event organizer from having to issue an unenecessary refund!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at