With a large selection of teams to choose from, often having similar names, we understand how participants may end up accidentally selecting the wrong team. It happens to the best of us. We also understand that having to reach out for help can be time consuming – for both you and your participants.

Prepare to discover some new-found time, because we’ve recently introduced the ability for participants to switch teams on their own. This new self-service capability gives participants the autonomy they need to make changes without having to reach out to you for help.

How can participants switch teams on their own?

Meet Casey
Casey is incredibly excited to register for the Seawater Stride race. Casey fills in her information, quickly joins her company team, donates to Save the Manatees, and completes her registration.

Later on…
Oops! Casey realizes she accidentally joined a team that had a similar name to the one she meant to select!

Participant dashboard
Luckily, Casey can simply visit her participant dashboard, navigate to her event registration details, and tap the “switch team” button.

Select new team
Casey is directed to a new page where she then selects the team she intended to join from a dropdown.

If the team requires a password to join, Casey will be prompted to enter it at this time.

Quick & easy
After tapping the save button, Casey has officially switched to the correct team. Casey feels thankful for this feature, as it saved Casey from having to reach out for help and the event organizer from having to make this change for her!

The End.

Please note: this feature is available to all team members except team captains. Team captains will still require assistance if they wish to change teams.

Your time is incredibly valuable, and we hope you will see a reduction in support requests following this release! As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to resource us.