The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about ways to boost registration, increase donations, and get above the noise!

Race Roster offers a variety of tools that can help you grow your event during the holidays. Here are three great ways you can utilize these tools to kick-start your holiday marketing strategy:

Enable gift-able registration codes

Gift giving can be a struggle. Many people are searching for a way to show their appreciation around the holidays, but have trouble finding the perfect gift. Enable Gifting to offer the ability to purchase registration codes and gift an experience! This could be the perfect gift idea for:

  • Companies looking for a way to show appreciation to their employees and have fun doing something together as a team
  • Families/friends who enjoy participating in group activities
  • A friend who is always looking for new experiences
  • Individuals with an endurance event on their bucket list

Customize your gifting options

When enabling gifting on your event, you can allow the following:

  • Specific Sub-events
    Instead of activating gifting for all sub-events, you can specify which ones you want to enable gifting for.
  • Gift purchase dates
    Set a date-range to enable gifting for a limited time.
  • Subsidized gift purchases
    Gift givers can decide whether they’d like to cover the cost of registration in-full, or just a portion of it.
  • Gift purchase in registration
    During registration, participants will be able to sign up for the event and purchase registration codes (gifts) for others.
  • Pay later option
    Enabling this option allows a user to purchase one or more codes during registration, but not pay for them right away. You can bill them at a later time using Race Roster’s invoice tool.

To get started, visit our knowledge base article for instructions on how to enable gifting.

Activate our pre-made holiday template

Once you have enabled gifting, it’s time to spread the word! This can easily be accomplished using Race Roster’s email campaign tool

Our goal is to save you time, which is why we have a pre-designed template awaiting your activation. When creating an email campaign on Race Roster, simply choose “Holiday gifting promotion” during template selection. Now you’re ready to connect with your participants and give them a great gift idea!

To get started, simply follow the instructions on how to create an email campaign listed in our knowledge base.

Create a holiday fundraising campaign

Many people find themselves in a charitable mood around this time of year. This means it might be a great time to set a fundraising goal for the holidays. 

Once your goal has been set, it’s time to reach out to your participants and ask for their support! Make use of Race Roster’s email campaign tool once again by creating a holiday themed campaign. Encourage your participants to donate by using a graphic that highlights your progress towards your fundraising goal. For example, this could be a thermometer graphic supported with copy asking your participants to help you reach your goal in time for the holidays.

These are just some of the ways you can utilize these tools to kick-start your holiday marketing strategy. As always, don’t hesitate to resource us if you have any questions! We wish you all the best with your holiday marketing campaigns.


Amy MacKenzie

Amy has a passion for quality design, effective marketing strategies and helping others reach their highest potential. She typically starts her day with a quick run, green tea, and dedicates time to her beloved furbabies before heading off to a job she loves - solving event organizer problems!