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With the holiday season fast-approaching, you might be wondering if event gifting can help augment your registration sales.

But is there an appetite for event gifting? We look at the trends and 5 strategies to increase gift sales for your event!

1. Enable gifting

…okay, maybe this one was too obvious!

But, why enable gifting at all? Do events really see an increase in gift sales around the holiday season?

It turns out, they do! We looked at the last seven years of event data and on average nearly 25% of an event’s gift sales occur in December.

With options to cover all or part of someone’s registration, meet ‘gifters’ at a price-point that’s most comfortable for them!

2. Market your event gifting options using our pre-templated email

We’ve made it easy for you to share the news that gift registrations are available on your event with our pre-templated email. Simply select the template from our bank of pre-templated email campaigns, enter your sender details, and share to spread the word!

3. Include a direct link to gift an event registration on your social media profiles

During the month of December, add a link within your social media profiles that directs visitors to purchase a gift registration to your event and highlight this option!

4. Consider offering a promotion for gift purchases during the month of December

Incentivize participants to invite a friend to run with them by providing cross-promotions. For example, you could set-up an automated campaign to provide a promotional code to register for your event to anyone who purchases a gift registration!

5. Add gifting as a card in your Digital Engagement Kit (DEK)!

 Have you checked out our DEKs? This is our amplified version of a virtual goodie bag, but can be repurposed for so much more! Consider adding a link to purchase gift registrations as a card in your DEK! Learn more about what our DEKs can do.

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