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Our virtual event toolkit is quickly evolving! We have introduced additional features to help you enhance your participant experience, make your virtual results page shine, and offer more exposure to the sponsors you work with. 

Let’s dive into the enhancements that are NOW available to you and your virtual event team.

1. Customization tools for your high-traffic virtual results page

Release your inner creativity and revamp your results page! Using Race Roster’s results tool, you can customize your results page to reflect your brand or highlight your sponsors in a high-traffic area your participants will visit to submit their virtual results and view their finisher certificates.

Upload a custom background image and engaging banners that direct your participants to the webpage of your choice. You can leverage these banners to advertise your next event, connect participants with your sponsors, direct participant’s to your event store, or whatever you might need this space for – feel free to get creative! This is a highly-visited page so be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity for exposure!

*Be sure to utilize our mobile branding capabilities as well and check out how great your image looks!

2. The personal results page has a new look

After participants have completed your virtual event, they will now be able to view all of their relevant result details on their newly revamped personal results page. Their finishing results, awards they have won, and finisher certificate will be prominently displayed in a clean, compact, and organized layout, allowing your participants to quickly share their finishing results with friends and family.

Additionally, you can upload an image or insert your own custom HTML to display a graphic on the sidebar of each individual’s personal results page. This is a great spot to highlight your sponsors! Simply display their logo to offer more brand exposure or leverage this space to offer discount codes and other incentives, connecting your participants with the sponsors you work with. You can add a destination URL to direct participants to a sponsor’s webpage (or another webpage of your choice) upon clicking the image.

*For non-virtual events, participants can view the event photos they have been tagged in on this page as well!

3. Tools to make your finisher certificate shine

To accompany the fresh new look of the personal results page, you can now enhance the look of your finisher certificate with our new customization features. Select your own colours, upload a background image that reflects your event branding, and display logos of your event, timing crew, and sponsors. Additionally, you can apply your custom finisher certificate look to all sub-events, or specifically the ones you select. 

4. Additional settings for your virtual event

You can now set the following for your virtual event:

  • Availability period – Specify when your participants can start posting their virtual results and set a submission cut-off date.
  • Restrict submission access by sub-event – Only allow participants who are registered for a specific sub-event to submit results.
  • Minimum and maximum times – Require participants to submit a time that is larger than the minimum time you have set, or smaller than your set maximum time. 
  • Allow participants to update finish time – In case a participant needs to update their virtual event finish time, you now have the power to allow participants to re-submit their results.

Helping you provide an exceptional virtual event experience is incredibly important to the entire Race Roster team, which is why we are continuing to enhance the virtual event toolkit. Stay tuned for more to come!

If you have any questions about these enhancements, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

director@raceroster.com. As always, we’re here to help!

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