In addition to the exciting re-design of our website, we have a variety of new resources available to you. These resources will keep you connected to our brand and informed of all the innovative tools coming your way.

Our product has evolved in partnership with you. We look forward to sharing more of our day to day journey with you.

So what’s changed for you?

1. NEW releases page (change-log)

Stay connected with Race Roster. We want to keep you in the loop regarding all our new features and latest releases.

Visit change log

2. NEW ‘What’s New’ page

Learn about our new features and updates that we are excited to share with you. Keep track of the latest enhancements and your favourite releases from each season.

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3. NEW Resources page

Find articles, blog posts, customer success stories, and a path to our knowledge base.

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What’s changed for our brand?

1. A mission we’re passionate about

We started Race Roster because we found a gap in event registration capabilities when putting on our first endurance event. We’ve since evolved into a large group of passionate, hard-working people with a mission to solve event organizer problems and we’re excited to have this reflected in our brand’s new voice and imagery.

2. Illustration with motion

As an endurance focused brand, we wanted to incorporate visual motion into our designs. Rather than straight edges, you’ll be seeing a lot more curves in our new energetic approach to illustration and photography.

3. Real photos, real experiences

We want to capture authentic experiences in the photos we use. Event day is emotional! An event organizer feels a sense of pride and accomplishment when they see all their hard work come together. When a participant finally makes it to the finish line, they feel exhilarated! We want to portray these relatable feelings in our photography to truly capture the event experience.

4. Other visual updates

  • New typeface for titles
  • New accessible colours
  • Less screenshots, more illustrations

Stay tuned! There’s more information on voice, tone and design to come.

In the meantime, check out the new website!