With winter on its way and social restrictions in place, it can be even more difficult than usual to stay active this season! Now more than ever, an endurance event to look forward to and train for might just be the pick-me-up everyone needs to find their motivation and make this the most run-derful time of the year!

By enabling gift-able registration codes, others can give their friends, family, peers, or coworkers a free entry or discounted registration to your event this holiday! This might just be the perfect way to get people motivated and moving this season.

We’ve put together a list of audiences that might be eager to purchase registration codes for your event this year:

Companies looking for quality team-building exercises

We’ve all been through a challenging year, and there’s a good chance that companies are looking for ways to connect and uplift the spirits of their employees. Why not encourage companies to give the gift of physical activity this holiday? They can purchase gift-able registration codes in bulk, making it easy for all members of their organization to register for your event. This could be a great team-building exercise for companies and will help motivate employees to be active!

Virtual team relays

If it makes sense for your event, you could add a virtual team relay option! Virtual team relays are a great way to encourage employees to collaborate and help each other get moving!

New runners unsure of next steps

Due to gym closures and work-from-home arrangements in 2020, many people turned to running as a way to exercise and spend some time outdoors. Now that Winter is approaching, new runners are bringing their training to a halt. Winter running is new territory and can certainly be a challenge. Without something to train for, it’s difficult to find any motivation to take on the cold, but right now, it may be more important than ever to experience the fresh air and be active for the sake of our mental and physical health! That’s where you come in. Your event might be exactly what these new runners need to stay motivated and carry on with their running routines. Advertising your event to the friends and families of new runners could be a great way to get these runners registered!

Virtual challenges

Virtual challenges are perfect for beginner runners! Challenges give participants the opportunity to work towards their goal over a specific time-frame, allowing them to break up their activities into different days. Challenges are also a great way to integrate your event as part of their weekly routine!

Athletic clubs and school teams in need of a competition

Many athletic club and school team events were canceled this year, along with thousands of other endurance events, leaving many competitive athletes without something to train for. An entry to your event might be exactly what they need this holiday, which is why schools and athletic clubs make a great target audience when it comes to marketing your event!

Virtual triathlons or multi-sport events

Virtual triathlons are a fun way to encourage teams to work together, and allow participants to take on different activity types. Members of the school swim team could pair up with members of the track and cycling teams to take on a virtual triathlon together!

Ready to activate gift-able registration codes?

Visit our knowledge base for step-by-step instructions on how to activate gifting.

Once you have enabled gifting, you can connect with your participants and give them a great gift idea! We have a pre-designed template awaiting your activation via Race Roster’s email campaign tool. When creating an email campaign, simply choose “Holiday gifting promotion” during template selection.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at director@raceroster.com.


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