We are excited to announce that you can now host virtual triathlons and multi-day challenges using newly added features from our continuously evolving virtual event toolkit. Add multi-sport segments & splits to your virtual event to accept results with various activities from multiple days.

Virtual triathlons made easy

Set up your virtual triathlon by visiting your results dashboard. Within a race, you will now find a ‘manage multi-sport segments & splits section. This addition allows you to ‘create segments’ or use a ‘segment template’. To help you get started, you can create your own segment template or you can select one of our pre-made templates.

When creating segments, you will be able to select the segment ‘type’ from various options such as run, swim, bike, paddle, or other. Alternatively, you can set the segment type to ‘transition’, allowing participants to submit the time they spent transitioning to the next activity.

Get creative with multi-day challenges

One of the best things about virtual events is the flexibility it gives to event organizers, allowing them to think outside the box. Why not create a multi-day challenge where participants can submit their times from multiple days? To do this, you can set the label for each segment as the day. The different segment types will allow you to switch up the activity on different days.

For example:

  • Segment 1 = “Day 1” (Run 5 km)
  • Segment 2 = “Day 2” (Bike 10 km)
  • Segment 3 = “Day 3” (Paddle 15 km)

After each day, participants can submit their results!

View multi-segment virtual results on your custom branded results page

Multi-segment results can now be submitted by participants through your custom branded results page. Participants will be able to enter in a time for each segment. 

Once a multi-segment result has been submitted, the segments will appear on your event’s custom branded results page. 

Additionally, virtual event participants can view a visual breakdown of their individual results on their personal results page. Each segment is accompanied with a name (e.g., run, bike, swim) and an icon highlighting the activity. Participants can see their time, overall place and gender place for each leg, as well as a total finishing time. 

Create awards based on segments

With the addition of virtual triathlons and multi-day challenges, you can dive into virtual awards and create an award for each segment. Present awards based on segment split time, race time, overall place, gender place, or division place. If you are using this for challenges, this feature will also allow you to award the winner of each day!

Learn more about virtual awards.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to resource us. You can reference the following knowledge base article for detailed instructions on how to add splits and segments to your virtual event.

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