Event organizer updates:

1. Registration Version 2.0

The registration process has been revamped! We realize how important user experience is to your participants and made changes for a more user friendly form. Before check-out, a participant can go back and adjust their registration without starting over. If one does not meet requirements when joining a team they will be directed to go back and edit. If they leave their device during registration and continue it later on, they will be prompted to continue their previous registration. We have also improved the accessibility of the form too.

2. Onsite App

Since the registration process received a makeover we decided to give the Onsite App one as well. We have a new check-in process that will make packet pick-up easier for your volunteers and quicker for your participants. Check-in and assign multiple bibs at once under one transaction for a more efficient process. Edit a participant’s information with ease with the pop-up modal and indicate who picked up their bib.

Learn more about Quick Check In for the Onsite App.

3. Fundraising

Check-out your event’s Fundraising Leaderboards to see who your top fundraisers, teams, and donors are. As the Charity Coordinator, you can now brand and modify each fundraising page to match your charities brand and mission.

Timer Updates:

1. Videos

After so much hard training, runners want to watch themselves cross the finish line. Why not set up your video to record the finish line and post it with your results. Runners will be able to view their time and watch themselves cross the finish line!’

2. Custom Messages

If you are a timer, try using the new custom message tool that allows you to post a message letting your runners know that results will be posted shortly!

3. Manage Staff

We all need help sometimes, so use our manage staff tool to easily add employees to your timer dashboard

4. Unofficial Results

Still verifying results, but runners are desperate to know their time? Use the unofficial results tool to post results, but let everyone know that they are still being verified.

5. Sorting Events

Timers are now able to sort their races

6. Default Segments

Timing a lot of triathlons lately? Use our default segments tool to set up your default segment once and use it every time you are uploading segmented results.

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Harrison Tim

Harrison is the Solution Engineer and Company Educator at Race Roster. He loves to work with the platform, help product development, and give Race Roster tutorials.