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Making Strides is a new monthly post from Race Roster to keep Event Organizers up to date on all the great technology being released. Bookmark this post or grab your coffee and get started.

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Race Roster Knowledge Base/Online Support Portal (Phase 1)


Our Knowledge Base allows you to search for answers to frequently asked questions. Our Customer Success team has organized queries into ten overarching categories to help you find your answer as quickly as possible. Browse through our articles and see how you can optimize your event page to meet all your event needs!
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Phase 2: Participant Inquiries

In the fall we will be releasing the second phase of the Knowledge Base answering commonly asked questions from your participants.

Timer Advancements


Race Timers now have the tools required to help race directors create, organize and manage their events from registration through results. With integrations to all major scoring software, Race Roster is now a trusted partner for races and timers alike. This month we added the following improvements to the timer experience:

Timer Logos link directly to their website
On a Results Page, the Timer logo now links to the website of the timer who timed your event allowing for recognition and easy contact for questions about results.

Custom columns added to Results
If there are unique data points you’d like to highlight in your results (i.e. Boston Qualifier), Race Roster now allows your timer to create custom columns that mimic their scoring software. We’ve even seen this used to display a personalized photo link for each participant.

Timer Dashboard released to all race directors that have ‘Timer Access’
Timers can now see an overview of all their events, and can create/manage calendars that post directly on their websites. If you’d like to learn more, or pass this information along to your race timer, simply send a request to with your Event ID and the name/email of your timer.

Structured Results posting now available for non-Race Roster events
Timers can now post structured results for events that may not have used Race Roster’s registration platform. This allows timers to post all their results on Race Roster.

Onsite App Improvements


The Onsite App lets you extend online registration right up to the start of the race. This month we improved a number of aspects of the onsite app experience for race directors, timers and participants!

Click to Search for Team Name and Confirmation Number
When you search for a single person, simply click on their associated team name or confirmation number to bring up all the other people associated to the name or transaction for a faster check in experience.

Total Raised is now an Onsite search option
Volunteers can now congratulate someone when they check in, or remind them that they didn’t meet the minimum fundraising requirement and will be required to make up the difference at the donation station before participating.

Sub-event Check-in search on Onsite App
Start your search by filtering through sub events when someone first approaches you.  For example, volunteers at the “10k check-in table” will no longer have to filter through participants in other sub-events.

Onsite app Price Settings default to the last price point
When configuring your onsite app for use at an expo or on the day of the event, it will prompt you with pricing options that default to the last price point set up on your connected Race Roster event.

Team Management and Password Improvements


Team captains can better manage the team information. For example, team captains can now see the date their team members registered (and report back to the boss!). Directors can also enable, disable or make passwords optional.

Miscellaneous System Improvements


The Notification Composer has expanded to allow an increased character limit of 1500, up from the original 1000.

Customize Text on Standard Race Roster Buttons
By contacting we can help you adjust the text of previously locked buttons/prompts on your event page (i.e. Change ‘Register’ to ‘Sign Up’).

Add New Directors and bypass Email Claiming
Quickly add new directors and bypass the email acceptance process. The only caveat is they must have a Race Roster account before accessing the system. On Director Access & Settings, simply type their email and a ‘Claim Type’ dropdown box will appear. Click the dropdown and select ‘Automatically Add Director’ before sending access.


Harrison Tim

Harrison is the Solution Engineer and Company Educator at Race Roster. He loves to work with the platform, help product development, and give Race Roster tutorials.