June 20th, 2019

Feature Releases

Fundraising > Donation Report 
Donation report now contains donor messages which can be downloaded.

Registration > Registration Questions 
We have disabled the ability to auto-fill answers for additional questions.

Event Organizer > Go Live 
The Go live email now contains the URL to the event details page.

Event Organizer > Branding 
We now provide dimensions for the Event Logo. 400 x 400 pixels.

Event Details > Donations
You can do test transactions for general donations without a payment profile when the event is in demo mode (like test registration transactions).

Registration > Checkout 
The Registration checkout page has updated for free transactions creating an, even more, user-friendly experience.

Event Organizer > Email Campaigns 
We have changed the copy from “reply to” to “enable an alternate reply to email address”.


Club Organizer Dashboard > Packages > Promo Codes 
The Promo code form was not saving/working > Fixed.

Event Organizer > Duplication
During event duplication, conditions for custom validation for registration questions were not carrying over to the new event > Fixed.

Event Organizer > Financials and Reporting 
Transaction fees were not being exported during the downloads of any registration transaction reports > Fixed.

June 2nd, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Details > Confirmation Look-Up
We are now able to hide the sub-event column on the public facing participant list/search pages. 

Event Dashboard > Donations
The progress chart end date for donations will be the last transaction date (if applicable).

June 1st, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer Dashboard
Our Event Organizer Menu has been updated!

May 16th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer Dashboard > Promo Codes
Promo Codes can no longer be called “Test” or “Free”.

Event Organizer Dashboard > Participant List > Participant Edit
When editing a participant’s product from the edit modal in the participant list, product items could be NoneFree or Purchased. We have removed the option None.

May 5th, 2019

Feature Releases

Registration > Donation 
We now have a per registrant donation feature. This allows each registrant in the transaction to make a donation.

Event Organizer Dashboard > Fundraising Settings
Charity Achievements are available for all events to use.

Event Organizer Dashboard > Access Codes
When applying an access code to a specific sub-event you are able to prevent the registrant from registering to another sub-event.

April 16th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer Dashboard >
Introducing the updated drop-down selector. Your active events are now organized in chronological order and your past events are listed in alphabetical order and sub-categorized chronologically or (EID).

Event Organizer Dashboard > Financials & Reporting > Refund Tool
Copy edits have been made to the Refund Tool making it clearer on what the participant is being refunded. Moreover, there have been functionality improvements to the tool as well. 

Event Details > Bib Look Up
We have a new feature called the Bib Look Up Tool and it’s beautiful. It does not display on the event details page, it comes with a link. You will have to create a button.

April 11th, 2019

Feature Releases

Welcome Page
The Releases page has been added to the bottom of the Welcome page.


Registration > Post-Registration Store
There was an alignment issue with receipts > Fixed.

April 10th, 2019

Feature Releases

Registration > Donation
When selecting “Other” as a donation amount, the box to enter your amount is now empty by default.

Event Organizer Dashboard > Pricing
We added the name of the sub-events when reordering the pricing

Event Organizer Dashboard > Donor Data > Donation Report
A select all button has been added to the donation report. This allows the charity coordinator to issue receipts if the charity was approved at a later time.


Event Organizer Dashboard > Participant List > Export to file
When exporting the participant list uncommon characters were added to the file > Fixed.

April 8th, 2019

Feature Releases

Event Organizer Dashboard > Payment Profiles
GBP (British Pounds) Payment Profiles can now be processed via Stripe.

Participant Dashboard
We have cleaned up the display of the Participant Dashboard


Event Details Page > Individual Pledge Page
Event organizers were unable to save any edits to a participant’s fundraising page > Fixed.

April 1st, 2019

Feature Releases

  • Event Details Page > Fundraising Organization > Teams that are affiliated with the fundraising organization who have raised $0.00 are now displayed.
  • Fundraising Settings > Tax Receipts > We no longer allow ‘space’ as a character for the prefix.
  • Participant Data > New Transfer Request > Event Organizers have the ability to override transfer settings.
  • Participant Data > New Transfer Request > Event Organizers now receive a warning message when trying to transfer an inactive participant.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > We have removed all export to email options.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Event Info > We have added time zones for the Netherlands.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Event Access > There is now a disclaimer added when inviting/adding a new director.
  • Donations > Donations must be $5.00 or more in order to make a contribution.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Products > There is now a warning message regarding product discounts on series and onsite.


  • Registration > Check Out > Display issue with Product Discounts on the order summary > Fixed.
  • Discount and Access Codes > Third-Party Codes > Display issue with third-party codes on the PDFs > Fixed.
  • Event Details Page > Fundraising Pages > Display issue with Achievements > Fixed.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Fundraising List > Exporting the report was broken > Fixed.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Fundraising List > Was unable to sort the report > Fixed.

March 22nd, 2019


  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Email Campaigns > Merge tags can be used in the subject line for campaigns.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Email Campaigns > Transaction source is now a trigger.
  • Event Details Page > Personal Fundraising Page > Mandatory goal for fundraising has been removed.
  • Welcome Page > We have removed the duplication option from the Welcome page unless the user has an event.


  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Registration Questions > Adding Require Email address to an event page was not saving > Fixed.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Pricing > There was a display issue with pricing strategies regarding dates > Fixed.

March 13th, 2019

Feature releases

  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Payment Info > Payment Profiles now have asterisks * beside every field that is required.
  • Registration > Checkout > The processing fee text has been updated on the checkout page.
  • Registration > Checkout > The credit card design has been enhanced on the checkout page.
  • Welcome Page > We have added the EID to each event’s thumbnail to the welcome page.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Products > We now offer discounts on product options. If the user selects a product option with a registration discount their registration fee will be discounted.

February 14th, 2019

Feature releases

  • Registration > Postal/ZIP Codes have been removed from the registration form if you select a country where Postal/ZIP codes do not apply
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Teams > When editing a team, the team name will appear at the top of the edit modal.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Donor Data > Fundraising list > Active/Inactive fundraisers as a filter option have been removed and replaced with “Amount Raised is Equal or More than / Less than”.
  • Event Details Page > We now have the ability to re-order pricing strategies.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Metrics > Registration question metrics display has been updated.
  • Registration Question > We can now collect shipping information during registration.
  • Onsite > You can search by first AND last name during check-in.
  • Registration > Check-out > First name, last name, and email are required on free transactions.
  • Event Organizer > Volunteer Tools > The volunteer registration close date can now be set to after event registration close date.


  • Registration > Checkout > There was a display issue with receipts > Fixed.
  • Participant Dashboard > While joining a team after registration, team registration questions were not being displayed properly > Fixed.

February 7th, 2019

Feature releases

  • Security > Password reset emails have been updated. The link to update your password is only valid for 15mins. You will then receive an email to confirm that your email has been updated.
  • Onsite > Check-in> When assigning a bib number and/or checking someone in you have to exit out or click save in order to exit the window.
  • Welcome Page > To get to an event’s dashboard you would have to click the view dashboard link. Now, each event tile is now clickable.
  • Registration > Personal Information > Gender labels have been updated to include non-binary and prefer not to disclose.
  • Integrations > We are fully integrated with Adventure Advocates.
  • Regisitration> Donate > When there is only one charity the content of the charity is condensed until a donation amount is selected.
  • Registration > Teams > If there is only one team category it will automatically populate as the selection during registration.
  • Registration > Registration Questions > Autocomplete is disabled for registration questions.
  • Event Details Page > Teams > When editing a team name we now validate if the team name is already in use.
  • Registration > Checkout > When a transaction is free we do not ask for billing information anymore.

January 24th, 2019

Feature Releases

  • Fundraising > Payment Profile > We have updated the text from company to business to make this more relatable to charities. Moreover, we have a link to the CRA giving the user more information.
  • Participant > Security > “The Forgot Password” process has been updated. The forgot password link is valid for 15mins.


  • Memberships > There was a display issue with the number of active memberships > Fixed.
  • Event Details Page > The Custom link feature was not appearing across every page > Fixed.
  • Registration > Products > When there were multiple product carousels, the light-box would scroll through multiple products instead of just the one you opened. > Fixed.

January 21st, 2019

Feature releases

  • Registration > Personal Information > Date of birth is mandatory for all US events. Non-US events can toggle date of birth on and off.
  • Series > Donations > User pays the donation fees is now turned on and off based on the events in the series.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Payouts > Payouts will ignore the default registration open and close date.


  • Series > Creating a series on IE11 would cause an error > Fixed.

January 16th, 2019

Feature releases

  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Email Settings > Campaign > The copy of the bread crumbs have been updated.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Email Settings > Campaigns > A checkbox has been added to the final step of a campaign. It’s a disclaimer that states that the event organizer is responsible for being compliant with anti-spam laws.
  • Event Details > Fundraising Organization > The layout of the fundraising organization page has been updated.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Teams > You can now remove all the team members from a team and save the updated team.

January 14th, 2019

Feature releases

  • Event Details Page > Pledge Page > The email option for sharing will not appear on a user’s pledge page unless they’re logged in and on their own pledge page.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Participant Data > Participant List > Transactional Sources have now been added to the participant list. You will be able to see where the registration came from such as series, transfer, kiosk, event registration, manual, and bulk upload. This field is called Registration Type.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Metrics > Date ranges for metrics have been adjusted to the registration open date and close date.
  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Products > We have updated the recommended photo size for products to 800 x 800 pixels.

January 9th, 2019

Feature releases

  • Event Organizer Dashboard > Social Media & Analytics > We have added Facebook Pixel trackers to the pledging process which includes: team donations, individual donations, and general donations.