Our Fall 2020 edition of Making Strides is here – a quarterly recap of Race Roster’s newest updates and releases. After riding the wave of the unfamiliar this Summer, we are now sharing all the tools we’ve built to help you get everything falling into place for the Autumn season. 

Check are our most noteworthy releases from the past few months:

Virtual challenges

Encourage your participants to work towards completing an objective over a specified date range. With our challenges feature, you can set a specific distance goal that your participants will aim to cover within the specified date range (e.g., whoever runs the most between Oct 1 – Oct 31st), or you can leave it open ended and have your participants cover as much ground as possible.

Learn more about virtual challenges

Disputes & chargebacks dashboard

Track your disputes, their status, and the details of the participant who initiated the dispute. We built this feature to provide you with more insight and transparency on credit card chargebacks initiated by your participants. Since we last introduced this feature, we have added additional columns to your report.

Learn more about the disputes & chargebacks dashboard

Participant photo uploads

Your virtual event may not have an official race photographer to capture the experience, but great photos are still being taken! With our participant photo uploader tool, your participants can upload their own event photos directly to your event gallery and share them with you and other participants! Participant photo uploads are a great way to maintain a strong sense of community around your event.

Learn more about the participant photo uploader tool

Enhanced waivers

These new enhancements will help you meet the specific needs of your event. You can now collect signatures per waiver, add merge tags to custom waivers, and more with our new waiver functionality.

Check out our article to see what was introduced to help meet the specific needs of your event.

Additional updates and releases you might find useful:

Results leaderboard enhancements

  • A “Runkeeper™ app verified” badge will appear next to participant results that were tracked and verified using the ASICS Runkeeper™ app. This is a great way to organize a competitive virtual event! With verified times coming straight from the app, you can be confident in handing out your awards.

Email campaign enhancements

  • New merge tag for “Participant dashboard” – When this merge tag is used in an email campaign sent from your event, a participant can tap the link to visit their personal dashboard for your specific event.
  • New prefix subject line of [Test] on email campaign tests to easily identify test sends. 

Participant list – To identify which device a participant has checked-in on, we have added a ‘check in device’ column to the participant list.

Payment profiles – When creating a payment profile, all new events will have an updated process for connecting with Stripe. 

Collection of middle names – On the registration form, you now have the option to ask for a middle name.

Keep an eye out for more details on these recent releases…

New translation options – Participants now have the option to use Race Roster in Japanese, Dutch, Swedish, German, Italian, French (Canada), French (European), Spanish (European), and Spanish (Mexico).

Virtual challenge additions – Provide finisher certificates to your challenge participants, collect finish times during activity submissions, and display times on the challenge leaderboard.

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